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7 min read

History of Bear Markets

As we find ourselves in the midst of a brutal bear market in 2022, it may be a good exercise to study the past in order to be better educated on what...

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6 min read

How to Invest in a Bear Market

What is a Bear Market?

How exactly is a bear market defined? The most commonly used definition for a bear market is when major indices, like the S&P...

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12 min read

Bear Market Explanation and Investing Strategies

There is a cliché that “stocks only go up.” Well, in a bull market, that might be true. However, in a bear market, over 75% of stocks go down with...

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17 min read

Slope of Hope-Is the Stock Market Recovering?

There is an old saying about the stock market: ” A bull market will climb a wall of worry, while a bear market will slide a slippery slope of hope.”...

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15 min read

Would the Turtle Trading System Work Now?

Does turtle trading still work? During an economic downturn, many traders claim to have effective strategies to beat the system and still maximize...

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16 min read

How will the bear market impact investors?

The recent downturn in the stock market has many investors concerned about a prolonged bear market. The Dow Jones recently plunged to its lowest...

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